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I am a Cinematic Storyteller, I artistically tell a story through moving pictures. Building a bridge through visuals and audio, bringing an audience into a world where they become entertained and inspired.


I was raised by a single mother, and the best memories that I have when I was younger I was always going to the movies with her. I did not think that cinema would be such a huge part of my future.


The more I learn about my career, the more I like it. I love the how working in this industry brings so many different pieces of art into one grand production that becomes a movie. Being on production with a team of people that all have a goal to create a movie, is something that is sort of life changing. You meet and work with people that you have never met before, and you become sort of a family after you have worked with them for a long period of time.


 My main goal in life is to become an auteur in this industry.


One Track Mind

From Poetry to Short Film. With a special soundtrack made from Josh Sjoen and starring Branden Beria. The film is a personal expression of when a person's mind is set on a direction that seems dire, but has faith that the track the person is on is the right one.


A project that I wrote and directed. It is about a personal driver that finds his own redemption by saving a lost soul from a man that is known to take it.


A project I was brought on as a cinematographer for a 1 minute short film contest. Film making is about collaboration, and I was honored to be apart of another BANJJ project. Directed by the talented Angel Contreras with the help of other talented and passionate artists.

Palette Dance Video

A project that I was brought on to as an editor. It was filmed by Hadim Deputy in the beautiful backgrounds of downtown Las Vegas. It was another great collaboration.

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